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Leo has been the thing missing in my life. I honestly didn’t know how much I actually needed him until he was in my life. Crowds have always been too much for me, but he has given me back my freedom to not fear them anymore because he blocks people when they get too close and he lets me know that I’m nearing my threshold before it gets too much. He has helped me in establishing my limits in a more positive way. He literally is my guardian angel, helping me every step of the way! I love him sooooo much!      -  Gwyn - Navy Veteran

Oakley is a true blessing for our 9 yr old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has given him freedom, courage, and a friend. Since Oakley came to live with us, our son has been able to engage in activities that previously were overwhelming such as attending church, & public school. Recently he stated, “Oakley makes me feel brave, and it’s kind of fun being the popular kid with a dog.” Oakley is not just a best friend; he helps our son build relationships with other children. Children love dogs. They are drawn to Oakley & they love to ask questions which starts a great conversation about a mutual interest. They are definitely a match made in heaven.

Some things that people do in their daily lives without even thinking about it can be difficult or impossible for someone in a wheelchair. It makes me smile every time I drop something on the floor.  Wherever Katie is in the house, she hears the sound and comes running to pick it up for me.  I don’t even have to ask.  Katie is a life saver when I’m getting ready for bed.  She pulls off my shoes and socks every night.  Imagine how hard it is to leave your house and trying to pull the door closed while backing your wheelchair out of the way of the door.  I don’t have to do that anymore.  I just say, “Katie, get the door,” and she goes back and shuts it for me.  All of these benefits are on top of the fact that she’s with me all the time wherever I go.  She’s my wingman, my buddy, and best of all she loves to show and receive affection.  How has Katie changed my life?  She puts joy and independence into my days.   I love her dearly and she loves me back! - Debb

Jacquie has been the lifeline I didn't know I needed. She helps with mobility and so much more. I used to stay in my house for days on end - afraid of, and dissociating from the world. Jacquie alerts me when that starts to happen and insists that I stay present. Because of her I’m connecting to others and the world in ways I never thought possible. I am blessed to have my Loving Angel Service Dog.

- Chrysalis


Gabe helps me with mobility issues - the best of which is picking up dropped objects.  I drop things all the time. He knows the best way to “hand” those to me and that’s to deliver it to my mouth! When we do that in public, everyone is quite amazed. I love my Angel Gabriel! - Lindsey