the many ways service dogs make a difference


“After adding J.J. as a member of our family, the whole dynamics have changed.  Lucien is more focused on everyday tasks, and going out in public is now a child’s roller coaster event instead of the double loops with an inverted corkscrew that we used to endure. J.J. has brought so much to our

Dogs are not judgmental.  They don’t care if you’re fat or skinny or “different”.  They just hand out love enthusiastically and unconditionally.

“Duffy and I have an amazing bond.  Even when he appears to be sound asleep, he keeps track of me and is vigilant if something is “going on”. He was with me at the dentist office while I was having my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist inadvertently poked me and it hurt, but I didn’t say anything.  Duffy was sound sleep in the corner but he immediately came and gently stood between us.  The hygienist was confused because as she said, she had never seem him get up while she was working on me.  But I knew why he got up!”

“Another time, Duff was asleep by the wall of the pool where I swim everyday. Every now and then while swimming, I glance at him to make sure he’s okay.  One particular day I looked up and he was standing up, still by the wall, but staring intently at me.  I motioned for him to lie back down which he did rather reluctantly.  I finished my swim and headed to the shower.  About halfway through I realized I had an intestinal virus and was quite sick.  He somehow knew before I did... Dogs are amazing!”      - Cathy

family that sometimes we wonder how we did it before. Both Lucien and J.J. have grown and changed since being together.  One fun way they have changed is that J.J. never was a “kisser” and that was fine because Lucien didn’t like to be licked.  But recently I witnessed J.J. licking his hand for a long time with Lucien having a huge smile on his face for the duration.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile for that long.  One huge blessing is that Lucien is sleeping through the night for the first time in his life.  They have a bond that continues to grow and we are lucky enough to see it happen.”   - Rebekah - Lucien’s mom


                           HAPPY BUDDIES





“Rosie is making a big difference in Bruce's quality of life. Many of the changes are subtle, but significant. One of the most notable is his ability to relax in church and actually "interact" with the sermon and the people around him. Also, he is attending couples Bible study for the first time in our marriage.”

“When we are shopping, he responds with more enthusiasm to the other shoppers and loves telling them about how smart Rosie is and what she can do. He actually smiles when he is communicating with inquisitive people, rather then thinking about how he can break away from the conversation!”

“At home, his daily life has taken on so much more meaning. He now has Rosie

to care for, train and play with, which pulls him out of being focused on himself. He takes the responsibility very seriously and loves the routine.”

“And finally, Rosie has helped to "soften" him. He is kinder and happier in our relationship and we now have a very special bond between us - our beautiful and loving Rosie girl!”

“Thank you, Loving Angel Service Dogs for changing our lives!”

                                                                   - Diane (Bruce’s Wife)


Ranger is my best buddy. 

We do everything together.

- Tom, Army Veteran

This beauty here - Ginger - spends her days as a facility dog at the Southern Utah Veterans Home.

She has about 108 veterans to love on and take care of. The fun thing about her career is that so many of the veterans love her, that they count the minutes that she spends with others and hope for the same amount of time with her.  She is loving, calm and very sweet. Like the Director of the facility stated, “She has exceeded our expectations.” We can’t imagine a better Facility Dog than our Ginger!


Murphy accompanies me every day to my classroom where I teach Middle School Math. 

It is incredible to me how much he is able to do to help me at my job and at home.  He opens heavy doors, picks up (many) dropped objects, goes to find misplaced items, helps me on my nighttime routine among other tasks.

We are a great partnership and I love how he keeps me laughing with his sense of humor and willingness to please.

         - Senecca